Pie Yourself Free

A few years ago, I was gazing at the stars late at night and I wondered, What can I do to make the world a better place, a happier place? I’m just one small guy, realistically, what can I do?

And I received a message (from somewhere) that said: You can tell your family and friends that’s it’s always ok to hit you in the face with a pie, or squirt seltzer. Anytime. Anywhere.

So I accepted this as a pretty good suggestion. Most people would love to throw a pie in someone’s face, but it’s never allowed. If I tell you it’s ok, you get to do something you really want, that will make you genuinely happy, and we all have a good laugh. Once I clean the whipped cream off of my eyeglasses I probably get a few hugs and maybe a free drink.

I wrote a short letter explaining my offer and I mailed the letter to about 30 people – friends and family. And I waited.

Eventually, I did get hit in the face with a pie. I’ve been hit with maybe 50 pies at this point. And Yes, people love doing it.

What I didn’t expect is how I would be transformed by receiving of all these thrown pies.

I’ve discovered that there is a moment, when I first grok that someone is winding up to smash a pie in my face, every cell in my body wants to snap into fight or flight, and either duck, or punch the other person in the face.

Alternately, I also have about 1.5 seconds to remember what’s happening, take a breath and smile, and receive this pie with the utmost Love in my heart. The trigger, and the choice to release into love has become a spiritual intersection for me. The realization of the incoming Pie is our experience of the world in miniature, yet sped up and sweet-tasting.

I invite you to make this offer to your own friends and family. Write a letter or email, or make business cards (mine are the photos below, with my dear Auntie Dede smashing a pie in my face).

Experience the sublime service of receiving a pie in your face with love and joy in your heart.

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