Pie Yourself Free

A few years ago, I was gazing at the stars late at night and I wondered, What can I do to make the world a better place, a happier place? I’m just one small guy, realistically, what can I do? And I received a message (from somewhere) that said: You can tell your family and friends that’s it’s always ok … Read More

widgetwonderPie Yourself Free

Running with the Circus in India

Mahul Gaon & Bandra East, Mumbai In 2008 I went to Burning Man for a couple of pre-event weeks to help build a large metal sculpture. Then, I left early to drive to Boulder for six weeks of clown school with my teacher, Giovanni. I had a ticket to head to India for another six weeks when a friend connected … Read More

widgetwonderRunning with the Circus in India

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I have several projects at various stages of development, including a short film about an Armenian restaurant, a comedy about a couple who can’t have kids, a reality TV series about divorce, and a horror/comedy involving clowns. And a batch of sourdough waffles.

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